mother-and-child-reading dad reading to boy and girl

Reading – Brings Imagination to Life

Remember when you were little and mom or dad sat you on their lap and read a favorite story until you fell fast asleep? The Adventures of a Boy Named Cheap is designed to encourage families to read together.  Perhaps you can designate a particular night as family reading night.  Younger children love mom or dad, older brothers and sisters or grandparents to read to them.  It creates special bonds between the child and their reader while the child imagines themselves taking part in the same adventures Cheap does.  Most chapters feature a life lesson that enforces good values while opening up the opportunity for dialog between parents and child.

The books are designed to challenge children to learn new words they may not be accustom to.  Several pages are geared to help children learn how to pronounce a word and learn its definition.  All of this is done with the character “Cheap” making it fun and exciting.  So give it a try, cut the cord to the TV or computer for one night, gather as a family and explore the amazing opportunities that reading as a family can offer.  It is an experience you and your children will cherish for many years to come.  You’ll be glad you did.

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