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When Boys Become Men 

Step back in time to the 1920’s and 30’s, a period where life was simple.  Milk and eggs were delivered by horse and wagon and boys played baseball and rode bicycles everywhere.  The country was growing from a comfortable family oriented lifestyle to a modern society complete with inventions like the automobile, and airplane the likes of which would transform and revolutionize America, changing it forever.

For  three young boys a different transformation would take place.  They lived in Queens Village, a busy suburb of New York City and were fortunate enough to enjoy their summers in the Hamptons, the playground of the rich and famous.  They grew up with a childhood innocence where events like the Great Depression had little meaning.  They simply enjoyed life as only three boys could do.  As they became teenagers, a massive hurricane changed their lives forever.  In a few short days, they grew up from mere boys into men.  Soon thereafter, World War II raised its angry head and the entire nation adapts and changes.  Join these three boys as you watch them grow and follow them on divergent paths through the harrows of World War II and beyond.  See how these men made a difference for their country, their families and themselves.

Available in late August or September 2016