Mooresville's Bob Wessmiller with his new children's book.

Bob Wessmiller with his new children’s book.

About the Author

Author – Bob Wessmiller is an accomplished freelance writer who specializes in Do It Yourself and Home Improvement articles for a wide array of newspapers and magazines. He has written specialty books for private industry in the areas of  layout and design, finance and commercial real estate.  The Adventures of a Boy Named “Cheap” is his first children’s book series and is loosely based on the imagination and dialog he and his father created almost thirty years ago. He is now working on a new book entitled “When Boys Become Men”, that is geared toward the adult, young adult market.  Bob regularly gives  his time to several community and school district related projects. His hobbies include woodworking, computing and model railroading. He lives in Mooresville, North Carolina.



Mikayla-Sproul-illustrator-head-shot400pxAbout the Illustrator

Illustrator – Mikayla Sproul is a talented young lady with a passion to draw. Her high school art teacher noticed Mikayla skills when she saw her drawing various Japanese style characters.  Bob Wessmiller asked the schools art department if they knew of anyone they believed could assist him in illustrating his first book.  Mikayla an upcoming senior at the time fit the project perfectly.  The two worked hours together with Bob explaining the characters personalities and Mikayla using her creative spirit to bring the character of “Cheap” to life.  Mikayla now attends college in North Carolina where she hopes to work in the field of art therapy.